MTN Nigeria Wants To Help Your Love Life, Heres HowRelationship Twitter is one of the hottest segments of Nigerian Twitter. Everyday, there are at least a hundred pictures or videos that receive a “God when” response, and we aren’t even exaggerating that number. On days when the leaders of the gang want to pepper everyone, they just decide to make threads of very mushy things they are doing in their relationships and get single people all riled up. Summer is loading (although some couples have already begun their summer vibes) and things are about to get out of hand. Expectations are that more fire photos from baecations will show up on the internet. Sadly, single people are not the only ones that get riled up when the “awwwn” replies and other cute responses start rolling in. People in long distance relationships sometimes get the heat too, even more than they would like to admit. Like some people will say in Nigeria pidgin, “e beta say I no get than say I get boo and we no fit do all these sweet things”. In fairness to people in long distance relationships, the game is harder. Like have you sent a harmless message before and watched the whole chat take a different turn? You could even add emojis to smoothen things and your case will get worse. You now have to spend the little time you both get quarreling or explaining context and what not. It is hard, really hard. Before we go further, let us mention that if physical touch is a strong part of your love language spectrum (we say spectrum because some people have more than one, lol), then long distance relationships might not be for you. There will be days when pillow hugs won’t be enough, days when reminiscing that last kiss won’t be enough. Just plan more visits. People who fall into the other categories can cope better. Now, if words of affirmation and quality time are your thing, MTN’s new 4G+ service is just right for you. Why? You now have faster internet connection to call your loved one and say all the nice things you want to say to them. You can even add a video call, because with 200mbps, videos now load faster, so your face will be so clear, they will see the true emotions on your face, no misconceptions. This new service is also coming with slashes to the data bundle, so you get more video time for less. On the other hand, if your partner likes receiving gifts or seeing acts of service, this is a good time to be alive. First, the data slash means you are saving more on a huge part of your monthly expenses, so more money to buy something lovely, no matter how little (it is the thought that counts). Beyond that, you even have more data to search all corners of the internet to find the best gifts ever. Don’t dull. As for people who want that devotion, take up some parts of their work, help them with research, discover new channels where they can watch the best tutorials focused on their skills or just be there to google important questions they have. Data isn’t the problem, MTN has solved that. Having said all of that, if these tips don’t work, please plan a summer baecation and enjoy yourself. Just don’t take too many pictures to tension others.The post MTN Nigeria Wants To Help Your Love Life, Heres How appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

Cameroonian refugee in Cross River sells her baby for N70k lindaikejisblogA Cameroonian refugee reportedly sold her baby for N70k, months after she escaped the crisis in Cameroon to seek asylum in Nigeria at Adagom refugee camp in Cross River state.  The 20-year-old mother identified as Claudia, agreed to sell her baby after a barber at the camp approached her with an offer from an unidentified buyer who was seeking a child to adopt.  “The boy that bought the baby told the barber to find someone to stay with him. So, the boy agreed to help him get someone,” Charles Ojon, leader of the refugees in Adagom camp said. “He met the girl and explained things to her. It was when the girl came that they later agreed she will sell the baby to the man.  She followed him to a hotel in town where they stayed till the next morning before he settled her and paid her the money.“I remember when she came to the camp pregnant, she delivered shortly after she arrived here but has been struggling to survive.” Cameroonian refugee in Cross River sells her baby for N70k lindaikejisblog 1 The Cable reported that the sad act was uncovered following an argument that ensued after Victor insisted on taking the lion share from the N70k after the deal was concluded.  It was learnt that Victor told her she will take N30,000 while he collects N40,000, a suggestion the lady protested against while also pointing out that she is the mother of the child.  “The barber told her she will take N30,000 while he collects N40,000,” he said, adding that the woman protested. “She said no, that it is her child; so she will take the N40,000 while the guy takes N30,000. So it was when they were trying to fight that we saw them. “The police came and they found out the money. Already, the other man had left with the baby. The barber was called and both of them were taken to the police station but he was later released.“The money was collected from her and kept. They have been calling the guy but he is not picking. We told him there is a job we want him to do but he said he has already gone to Calabar and up till today, the police are looking for him" Elvis Manget, one of the refugees on the security team of the camp said.  Cameroonian refugee in Cross River sells her baby for N70k lindaikejisblog Claudia blamed her action on hunger and hardship after being interrogated by police officers that arrested her alongside Victor.  “When the police came, said she sold the child because of hardship; that there is no food or anything to feed the child,” Ujom said. “That was just before they paid us for July. Then, everywhere was dry. A lot of us have been selling our things and using them to settle debt.” The untold hardship Claudia has reportedly faced since arriving the refugee camp in October 2018, was corroborated by another refugee who recounted how a resident of Ogoja refused paying the 20-year-old mother after having sex with her.  “A Nigerian had earlier been here to take her to his house, they slept but he did not pay her after their business“So she came to report the matter to us, that was when I first saw her and the kid. We were sent to go and bring the man and the matter was later settled.” The camp coordinator and an official of the state’s SEMA identified simply as Andy, confirmed the incident and further revealed that the police have already launched an investigation.  I know of such case but the police is handling it now" he said. The post Cameroonian refugee in Cross River sells her baby for N70k appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

 While the inferno of xenophobia experienced by Nigerians in South Africa is yet to die down, another one is brewing in America. Black Americans are complaining that Nigerians are moving in and taking over the best jobs available to the black community. Read their tweets below.  The post Black Americans complain about being replaced by Nigerians in the American job market appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

Beverly Hills 90210 star Brian Turk passes away aged 49 after battle with brain cancer American actor, Brian Turk has died at the age of 49.  The actor who was best known for his role on Beverley Hills 902010 and also starred in HBOs Carnivale, ER, and Boy Meets World died after a battle with brain. The sad news comes more than a year since he was diagnosed with brain cancer before it became terminal. Confirming the news in a statement, Carlos wrote on the page: ‘Unfortunately Brian passed away Friday morning, 9/13 from complications of his cancer. ‘Please continue to share this Go Fund Me and I will send out funeral arrangements once they are finalised. Thank you for the continued support for the Turk family.’ In a previous message on the account, Carlos said: ‘Just over a year ago our dear friend, Brian Turk, was diagnosed with cancer. Being the selfless and private person that he is, Brian kept this quiet so as not to concern his family and friends.  ‘[Brian’s] will to live is strong but this is expensive. Brian has been the breadwinner supporting his family as his wife has been physically unable to work full time.’ Brian was best known for playing Gabriel in Carnivale, he also had other roles in hit TV shows such as Two and a Half Men, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Beverly Hills, 90210, ER, Boy Meets World, Criminal Minds, NCIS and The Jamie Foxx Show, American Pie 2, Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles and The Lost World: Jurassic Park. The post Beverly Hills 90210 star Brian Turk passes away aged 49 after battle with brain cancer appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

Biafra: 'I dont know what IPOB is looking for till date' -Rochas OkorochaSenator Rochas Okorocha, the former governor of Imo State has said he does not know what the IPOB is advocating for till date. Okorocha who did not deny knowing members of the group said he would only consider joining them only if the Nnamdi Kalu-led group can convince him on why he must join IPOB and where it is taking the Igbos to.“To be honest with you, I don’t know what IPOB is looking for till date. I don’t know what the agenda of IPOB are and where they are planning to take Ndigbo to".Speaking on having any relationship with the group, the lawmaker representing Imo North at the upper legislative chamber of the National Assembly said it is his duty to have a chat with them as a father. “In the first place, IPOB is not different from other similar groups from other parts of the country, but it is just the packaging and name that have always been the problem,” Sun reported.“I don’t know what we plan to achieve by isolating ourselves from the rest of the country. And until IPOB answers the question, the leaders might not know how to handle it. When you say IPOB, are they trying to call for another sovereign nation? If they want to use this as a way of correcting certain injustices meted to the Igbo, then they should change the name to start with.“When Oduduwa, Arewa or Niger Delta youths talk, they don’t call for a sovereign nation. For Igbo to become a country of their own, they have to think about the consequences. “Personally, I don’t think it is good for the Igbo to become isolated from other nations and tribes in this country.“Although the young men may have grievances, they should package them properly for the world to understand what they are fighting for. “The leaders seem to have kept quiet for too long. Like our children, we need to build them and let them know that they cannot be talking about sovereignty within a nation.“What programme do they have in the first place? What has IPOB done about the Igbo killed in South Africa? Is it not surprising that they have not done anything? “I challenge all the Igbo to return from South Africa, India and other parts of the world, converge on Onitsha market and let us see what will happen.“I don’t think the Igbo need IPOB at this point; it is rather a distraction that is not good for our political future. It might be the reason we are not doing well politically, yet we are adding more danger to it. They are our children; we love them and need to bring them closer. So, it is the failure of leadership in Igboland that should be blamed. We are not showing good leadership to these boys.“They are children and look at how they attacked Ekweremadu, but how have the attack or threat to other political leaders solved the problem of Igbo in Nigeria? “How has it corrected the problem of marginalisation of Igbo in Nigeria? They are beating up people in the name of IPOB in Owerri, Aba and other towns, but how has that solved the problem? “I think IPOB is rather waging war against ourselves which should not be. I am looking forward to meeting with them anytime to address this issue and if they convince me, I will follow them and if I convince them, they should follow me.“Can we have a meeting where the Igbo will meet with these IPOB, MASSOB and those other associations to find a common ground because whether they are bad, good or evil, they are our brothers, children, sons and daughters? I cannot lay claim that I don’t know them because they are Igbo and it is my duty to have a chat with them as a father. They must convince me on why I must join IPOB and where it is taking us to.“I have told them to join APC because through APC, Igbo man might become president and if they have a contrary view, they can look for an alternative. IPOB needs to explain where they want to take Ndigbo to.” The post Biafra: 'I dont know what IPOB is looking for till date' -Rochas Okorocha appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

Lagosian shares her scary experience with fraudsters who hypnotised her and made her do anything they ordered A Lagos-based twitter user, @demiii_kay has narrated her experience at the hands of fraudsters in a bus. She said the driver engaged her in a conversation and told her things about herself. Unknown to her, she was being hypnotised.  The post Lagosian shares her scary experience with fraudsters who hypnotised her and made her do anything they ordered appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

DSIgate; A gateway to a productive nation, where “Touching Lives” is our watchword, we believe that the fastest and most sustainable way to build our economy is to unleash its entrepreneurial potentials and assist individuals and groups in reaching desired result. These, we have done for over seven years and we are passionate to do more.Today, Monday 16th September, 2019; PROJECT ONE MILLION continues. DSIgate is passionate about touching Lives and we believe, together we can do MoreTODAY'S TASK!In a bid to develop the society, Project 1 million today focuses on Sustainable Developmental Goals as we aim to encourage better drainage system and sanitation in order to promote a healthier society.So, do you think it’s possible? If Yes, In observance of World Clean Up Day (21/9), that is coming up this week, tell us feasible way{s} you can ensure proper sanitation in your community with N10,000 HOW TO PARTCIPATE Sign up for Free Skill Acquisition on our website Identify your User ID in your dashboard after registrationComment ways you can effectively ensure proper sanitation in your community with N10,000, give short details of the target community and problem. Ensure to include your User IDComment closes by 2pm on Friday 20th and Winners would be announced next MondayCongratulations to our winners for last week:FEMI THOMAS 45ECA783HAMMED SODIQ 06AA8982OLA SHERIFF B355237FGBAJUMO FATAI ID6E745BNWANKWO ELVIS 04C88022OYEWO AFOLABI BB141EODAJIBADE BAMIDELE OD7225BEABIOYE PAUL C2DA4477KOLAPO SHUKURAH E3F8D1C4FERANMI FAMUYIWA 7E2824EA You may also wish to Follow us…IG: @mydsigateTwitter: @mydsigateFB: mydsigate NB: Please note that project N1M will take a break for 4 weeks to evaluate and analyze community/humanitarian projects our past winners embarked on. For updates on Project N1M, please ensure you follow @mydsigate.The post DSIGATE Project One Million, Week 5! Participate to win N10K appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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